Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Colors Speak Wall-umes

Colors Speak Wall-umes
Paint walls with street children this Sunday . A weekend get-away of a special kind, where colours fill walls and lives. Be the hands that guide little brushes as they smear  colours on the canvas of walls and memory. An event that unites faith,fun and freshness. An event where as you relive your fun filled childhood with children less fortunate, and add some to theirs. Let loose the child in you and make some friends on the street. Take pride in contributing to a brighter India,. Every little spread of color counts.
Why paint walls?
Shades of gray is what these children see when they eat,play and sleep.  Help making the ambience fresh and bright!
Colors heal fear! You’ll witness how your fears dissolve with theirs  as the walls are painted .
These walls will speak for months even after the event.  Witness the colours mingle within your lives, painting rainbows of affection everywhere.
What  we expect of you?
Come with a happy face and add zing to the place
Give a gift and see a child’s face light up!! ( old crayon sets, clothes to donate. Coloring books, chocolates..anything)
Think of a skill set / talent you have which you can register with us to have workshops in future
What else?
Carry a waterbottle. Wear an old shirt. Be ready for some serious fun. Oh! And Also, a good-looking boy or girl would be there to greet you at the registration desk.
So Join us. Yes?
PROTSAHAN. Bringing the colourful side of a cause!
Venue- Opposite Indibulls One,Elphinstone Road
Date – 4th November
Time – 10 am                                                                                                                                        
Contact Numbers - 9833354672 / 07738049259/9769840082

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