Thursday, 29 December 2011

Encouragement has a potent Alchemy

What was started by a 23 year old with 7 students and a dream in April 2010 now has 120 students who’re grooming into confident individuals all set to take over the world with their determination. In less than two years PROTSAHAN has reached out to over 10,000 individuals primarily through internet. Trust this to be a testimony to the fact that virtual world is your first step to creating a real world.

The base of our foundation is the chemistry between fun and evolution, healing power of art and colors, everything that youth signifies! We’re making a change, Our way, the fun way!
Living with dignity is every individual’s right. You, me and the maid who comes to clean the house, we all have equal rights to live with respect and esteem. Reminds me of the lyrics from this popular track,

“Absolutely everybody,
Everybody needs a little loving,
Everybody needs somebody thinking of them,
Everybody needs a little respect”
Like absolutely everybody, our brigade of kids and artisans need love, respect and somebody thinking of them!

Think of our little children before buying a gift worth thousands next time; a candle from PROTSAHAN can help educating these children and making them smile. That smile is priceless!Think of our artisans striving to gain foothold and earn a life of dignity; a necklace from PROTSAHAN can help them secure a sustainable job. That security is priceless!Think of women forced into flesh trade, the woman in them goes numb everyday. Giving them another choice for livelihood with PROTSAHAN could make the woman in them alive again. And that life is priceless!

Why don’t you be an amulet in this virtual world touching real lives and creating absolute realities?Why don’t you break all barriers of distance and time to splash colors into someone’s life?Why don’t you explore the funky jewelry and exotic candles our artisans make?
One click can open up a wide range of fantastic products within your reach. Buying these products will encourage someone to earn a life of dignity, instead of getting irked or upset by beggars on the streets, help those who’re struggling to earn a livelihood by hard work and efforts. A part of your purchase value would go into buying stationary for educating street children.

Add spunk to your wardrobe; brighten your showcase and season up your world with our stuff from PROTSAHAN! It could be a gift to your self OR to a loved one, but a part of it is a priceless contribution to a massive effort in some part of the world.

We’re now on Shopo. Syndicating with online portals to keep in pace with changing trends. Now color and zing, in yours and the life of someone in need, is just a click away! It will encourage someone to strive for a better life and heal bruises. Even while you’re at it, the magic of this encouragement will start unfolding, dazzling your consciousness with its wonders. Its time to experiment and witness the potent alchemy in Encouragement, in a single click!

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Parents and Education

 My mother is a teacher. Who’s mother isn’t? The basic foundation of every child’s learning starts with Mom! Abhimanyu was a genius even before he took birth! It might be mythology but has mysterious truth to it. Why do some babies just ooze that spark since birth?
I can vouch for the glaring truth in my being that I derive my strength from my parents and their support. Every time my plans in life seem dubious, their   presence acts like a truss that keeps me from falling apart. Don’t most of us feel the same way?
Our kids at PROTSAHAN are a testimony to the role parents play in a child’s life and how imperative it is for them to catalyze their off springs education. It begins in the womb and goes beyond it. The connection and intensity of this relationship is such that literacy can be proliferated by parents into the society through their child who adopts it unconsciously (and also the most effectively).
Have you met Anju and Khusboo? (On facebook we mean!!).They’re the Protsahan Art sisters. Their mother encourages and emboldens them SO MUCH that they have gained a skill for life - Madhubani art work!!! Check out their work and drop in a comment. They’ll love to hear from you. And don’t forget to put in a line for their mother as well! It's a full circle, the more you aid the nurturing of their parents, the more the kids shine!
Oh and did we miss our star Soni? She went to study at a local government school and subsequently got promoted into it. Her parents motivate and promote education in their little rising stars life and witness her evolve with new found pride. Look what they’ve moulded! A beautiful child who has come such a long way from rag picking…..She can now write her name, express herself and exude confidence that shows even in her pictures.

The roots of our organization lie in “individual growth”. Parents need to be recognized and acknowledged for their irreplaceable contribution to a child’s literacy (not in terms of just knowledge, but values, character and strength)
There are many people in slums, who’re unaware of the marvels of erudition and prefer to push their brood into petty labour since their early years. This in turn makes their base so weak that they grow into individuals without any real learning’s, their outlook and vision becomes confined to the streets of their slums and they remain unstable financially in the long run. As these children grow up, most of them turn into rigid adults without any inspiration for a wholesome life. The vicious cycle continues. This phenomenon of churning out thwarted adults who pass on the unsolicited legacy needs to be broken. They need to be empowered and lead out of this misery to ensure the future generations flourish.
Our “Empowerment cell” strives at doing exactly that!

Julie’s mother, who was once disgruntled and aloof about the opportunities an educated society can create, is today a role model at our cell. There was a time when Julie had tears of sorrow for not having her mothers support and today ‘they’ are encouraging us to reach out to many more. These candles made by Julie’s mother have lit up many rooms in addition to the one’s that are lit up our girls smile!
As we record history here, kudos to those wonderful parents who cultivate gems that shine and inspire many others. Such parents imbibe morals and erudition in their children in a way to “truly educate and empower them”!
Here’s an ode to all such wonderful parents and the personas they create!
AYE! To you and the magical lives you create!

PS: Click on the links to read more about Julie,Soni and the Protsahan Art Sisters(Anju and Khushboo) :)

-Madhusha Dash
Official Blogger

Thursday, 8 December 2011



How many times have you looked at the streets and felt sad or angry about the dismal state of  beggars?

How many times have you exclaimed, “Poor thing!” OR just rolled up the windows in exasperation?

How many times have you blamed the country, the politicians, the mafia or “anyone” for the prevailing issues?
 It’s a fact that the economic gap, the growing discrepancies between evolving and degrading sections is so stark that it can be labeled as alarming now. While a small portion is growing wealthier, another section of the society is depleting with each passing day. Be it the distinction between nations on a global level or the class distinction in a country. The only change seems to be a dismaying width between the fortunate and less fortunate and the only way to cope up with this situation is respond with change to these changes!

 We have envisioned a way to do our bit, to hold some hands and to realize dreams for the less fortunate. We think Socio-Economic growth is the need of the hour! We hope to bridge the gap through our distinct way.
 Well! You may say all this talking is easy but implementation is a challenge, the hurdles on the way are so many that the efforts go futile. We agree with you on the challenges faced by change-makers. True! Out of hundred initiatives, only a few foundations are strong enough to build into institutions with time. Our focus here is on such success stories; these stories are like beacons that guide us and are an unending supply of encouragement to strive at what we deeply believe in.

Teach for All, an organization that internationally supports local entrepreneurs who wish to start independent, locally-governed organizations, founded in 2007 has spread all over the world within 5 years of its inception! RARE, an organization involved with sensitizing the need for preservation of the environment has witnessed remarkable success in years. Did we miss something? These organizations thrive primarily on their own funds along with the some support. Initiatives by people of courage who took up a cause passionately, nurtured it through their efforts and unique approach of impact investing. Unlike other NGO’s, they gave people a skill to catch fish instead of fishing it out for them. We stump for this approach because it lionizes individual growth which in turn elevates the entire community to a higher level.

 We do not believe in mere philanthropy or what we call charity without a heart. We believe in promoting self sustainability and competitive growth. Unleashing potential untapped talent and giving it a chance to shine, to polish unnoticed opportunities and help them metamorphose into budding self reliant models. Reaching the grass roots of the slums and catalyzing evolution right from the beginning, developing the bottom of the pyramid with a vision to raise the standard of living on a larger scale. Are you able to visualize the big picture with us?

 Our kids want support not just sympathy. They want a chance to live a better life, to contribute to the building of a better society. We want you to be a part of this initiative and help in the transformation.
 ‘Now’, is the time to lead the change….With Protsahan!