Friday, 16 December 2011

Parents and Education

 My mother is a teacher. Who’s mother isn’t? The basic foundation of every child’s learning starts with Mom! Abhimanyu was a genius even before he took birth! It might be mythology but has mysterious truth to it. Why do some babies just ooze that spark since birth?
I can vouch for the glaring truth in my being that I derive my strength from my parents and their support. Every time my plans in life seem dubious, their   presence acts like a truss that keeps me from falling apart. Don’t most of us feel the same way?
Our kids at PROTSAHAN are a testimony to the role parents play in a child’s life and how imperative it is for them to catalyze their off springs education. It begins in the womb and goes beyond it. The connection and intensity of this relationship is such that literacy can be proliferated by parents into the society through their child who adopts it unconsciously (and also the most effectively).
Have you met Anju and Khusboo? (On facebook we mean!!).They’re the Protsahan Art sisters. Their mother encourages and emboldens them SO MUCH that they have gained a skill for life - Madhubani art work!!! Check out their work and drop in a comment. They’ll love to hear from you. And don’t forget to put in a line for their mother as well! It's a full circle, the more you aid the nurturing of their parents, the more the kids shine!
Oh and did we miss our star Soni? She went to study at a local government school and subsequently got promoted into it. Her parents motivate and promote education in their little rising stars life and witness her evolve with new found pride. Look what they’ve moulded! A beautiful child who has come such a long way from rag picking…..She can now write her name, express herself and exude confidence that shows even in her pictures.

The roots of our organization lie in “individual growth”. Parents need to be recognized and acknowledged for their irreplaceable contribution to a child’s literacy (not in terms of just knowledge, but values, character and strength)
There are many people in slums, who’re unaware of the marvels of erudition and prefer to push their brood into petty labour since their early years. This in turn makes their base so weak that they grow into individuals without any real learning’s, their outlook and vision becomes confined to the streets of their slums and they remain unstable financially in the long run. As these children grow up, most of them turn into rigid adults without any inspiration for a wholesome life. The vicious cycle continues. This phenomenon of churning out thwarted adults who pass on the unsolicited legacy needs to be broken. They need to be empowered and lead out of this misery to ensure the future generations flourish.
Our “Empowerment cell” strives at doing exactly that!

Julie’s mother, who was once disgruntled and aloof about the opportunities an educated society can create, is today a role model at our cell. There was a time when Julie had tears of sorrow for not having her mothers support and today ‘they’ are encouraging us to reach out to many more. These candles made by Julie’s mother have lit up many rooms in addition to the one’s that are lit up our girls smile!
As we record history here, kudos to those wonderful parents who cultivate gems that shine and inspire many others. Such parents imbibe morals and erudition in their children in a way to “truly educate and empower them”!
Here’s an ode to all such wonderful parents and the personas they create!
AYE! To you and the magical lives you create!

PS: Click on the links to read more about Julie,Soni and the Protsahan Art Sisters(Anju and Khushboo) :)

-Madhusha Dash
Official Blogger

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