Tuesday, 3 April 2012

She taught us how to love....

Suman, She can’t speak or hear.

Suman can’t speak or hear but she can feel.
The world might revolve around you, you can be at the grandest of places, adhere to all the agreed and benchmarked success quotients of the society but if you don’t feel right, it’s all in vain. You might be in a situation perceived pitiful by outsiders, but if you feel right, it’s worth exchanging all the bench marked success quotients for that feeling.

When we got Suman to Protsahan, she couldn't respond to numbers and alphabets the conventional way. She was different you see.We wanted to bring real solutions to real people and not just whacky creative ones. Our team brainstormed to come up with something that could change her perception of the world forever. Finally, we decided to do a workshop on “Coffee on Warli”. Huge paintings and drawings were made with coffee powder. The aroma of wafting from the drawings awakened her senses and her response was overwhelming! Every time she squeaked with delight , it was a moment of gratitude for Protsahan.We realized, in this world, your senses- your feelings-your happiness are ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS. Rest is secondary.

Suman ‘soaks-in moments’ and her joy reflects in her actions. She has infinite love to share. She can’t talk or hear, but her soul can ‘listen’ and her eyes can ‘communicate’. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t analyze or fret over opinions, she only senses the vibes around and responds. She loves people without questions and treats them with respect. Without preaching or saying anything, Suman teaches priceless lessons.

Protsahan, gave her confidence and self-expression. But she gave us much more than that, she epitomizes the power of vibrations and miracles of love. She teaches us to love. Thank you little one, for you taught us more than we taught you. You taught us "How to Love".

Some other happy faces from the Workshop :)

-Madhusha Dash
Official Blogger
Protsahan India Foundation

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